360° Facilities

Covering all your business needs and more. EmHub comes with business tools essential for running your operations. Leisure activities are also made possible thanks to rooftop wellness facilities encouraging better work-life balance.

Rooftop Lifestyle Facility Deck

The open-air rooftop facility is designed to encourage socializing within the EmHub community.

Multi-sized Meeting Rooms

Business support tools including 10 multi-sized meeting rooms and conference halls allow for conducive meetings.

Indoor and Outdoor Fitness

Fitness is as much a priority as productivity in EmHub with facilities such as a half basketball court and a full-fledged fitness gym for you and your employees to stay active.

Diverse Retail and Eatery Options

Multiple retail outlets and a dedicated cafeteria provide a diversity of food options for all occasions.

Convenient and Ample Parking

The 1,800 parking lots in EmHub is strategically placed to improve the experience and convenience of employees and visitors.

Instant Logistics

In today’s age of globalization and online commerce, logistics is becoming a crucial element in determining your business’ success. We have designed EmHub to accommodate and support fast, efficient and quick logistic tools and systems to give your business the competitive advantage.

Malaysia's first Central Elevated Ramp-up

Central elevated ramp to all six floors offers direct loading and unloading access to each unit.

Dedicated Logistics and Courier Service

Direct access to dedicated courier and logistics operator improves business agility, shipment speed and convenience.

Dedicated Parking Lot

Minimum two dedicated parking/loading bay at the doorstep for units above Level 2.

Improved Accessibility

Accessible for bigger trucks at logistic center loading bay.

Up to 12 Elevators in Each Block

Accessibility is improved with up to 12 elevators in each block. Consisting of four elevators each for cargo, passengers and service, they are well located in the building.

Go Pro with Business Protection

Commercial centres in the market today often offer only basic fittings to allows for businesses to have an operating space. It lacks the proactive ability to support the operations of the business. At EmHub, features such as backup electricity ports and dual high-speed broadband options are provided to keep your business up and running in a safer environment.

24/7 security patrol, CCTV monitoring

2-Tier security gate system for better access security

Dedicated backup electricity port for continuous electricity supply

Dual high-speed broadband options ready for lesser downtime risk

Flexible Design

The business of today is constantly evolving and requires adaptability more than ever before. With a 3-in-1 functionality of fulfilment storage, office space and showroom, EmHub is designed to be as flexible as possible allowing easy setup for all types of online businesses and professional suites.

Flexible with 3-in-1 suite functions in one unit offering fulfilment centre, corporate office and show gallery

High roller shutter for ease loading and unloading

Close to 6-meter high double volume ceiling offers flexibility in space and storage management

Full height glazing panels at the facade ensures prominent exposure for business visibility and provides a comfortable working environment.
Close to a 6-meter high ceiling offers flexibility in space and storage management.
Mezzanine floor allows proper segregation of fulfilment storage and office space.
Fulfilment storage able to withstand up to 10kN/m2 with easy access to loading bay.
Dedicated loading bay to prevent traffic congestion and easy loading and unloading.
High roller shutter for easy loading and unloading which also provides shopfront visibility of each unit.

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